RAD Technologies invests in customer- and engineering-driven firms that design and manufacture implements for small to large tractors and utility vehicles, serving the agriculture, lifestyle, municipal, residential, and commercial sectors.


Our customer-focused approach, engineering expertise, and innovative implements solve the problems of today with products that help build the world of tomorrow.



Serving OEMs

RadTech Innovation serves all major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) by adapting equipment and designing tool-less implements for their small to large tractors and utility vehicles. Our business relations with OEMs have been built over 30 years on high standards, integrity, and confidentiality.

Most RadTech Innovation products are made under our OEM customers’ names, in cooperation with their engineering departments. We send ideas to our OEM customers then work with them to perfect the design and quality that will enhance the value of their vehicles.




RADTech’s flail mower is a safe, effective machine thanks to its front-mount design and hinged attachment that lets the implement follow undulations in the ground rather than lifting and tipping with the tractor itself. Most injuries in North America are in fact caused by brush cutters expelling rocks at bystanders – a problem much reduced by our innovative design. And, with our industry-leading front-mount attachment system, RADTech’s front-end flail cutters are also easier, faster, and safer to install.